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Poems and Articles Are Moving Print E-mail
Written by Reely   
Sunday, 31 January 2016 17:29

We are moving the articles and poems on this blog to a new location partly because we've found a new theme that we like better and are sure you will, too.

It is also partly because of the comment spam problems over here. (You don't see it but that isn't because they don't CONSTANTLY send it!!!) 

We are putting links in to the new locations on popular posts. In other instances, if you can't find what you were looking for, please go to the main site and try the search box

Everything will be at REELY'S AUDIO POEMS as soon as possible.



The Chicken's Mistake Print E-mail

By PHOEBE CARY (1824-1871)

A little downy chicken one day
Asked leave to go on the water,
Where she saw a duck with her brood at play,
Swimming and splashing about her.

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Indeed, she began to peep and cry,
When her mother wouldn't let her:
"If ducks can swim there, why can't I?
Are they any bigger or better?"